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Why does my information not show?

There are a few reason why information might not be displayed

  • It has not been entered, or saved correctly. Always make sure you click the submit button at the bottom of the information to make sure you send it to the database NOTE the button may be name add, submit or some other name but usually contains a statement indicating it will save the changes.

  • You have enter a word that is flagged, meaning that it could be used for purposes that do not fit a family site. We recognize that some of these terms may also be used for legitimate or medical purposes so the information is stored and sent to the web admin section where it will be review and then posted provided it does not contravene our rules of use. Flagged words are not necessarily banned from our site, but they are reviewed for usage. They may be Words often associated with hate, violence or pornographic sites, or they may be stepping on the copyrights or considered reserved for special information such as parks, schools, buses etc. These words can only be used by sites that are directly associated , not as a direction such as near to or close to etc. We do this to maintain the integrity of our searches and to ATTRACT more people to use the site which benefits our listings.

  • Your listing is unpaid after the free trial period and this voids the display of the content. Only paid listings are entitled to display details or search keyword fields

    If your do not feel this information covers the reason your information is not showing then contact us : SEE contact information

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