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Jan 2021

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January 2021 Horoscopes

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January 2021... we all could use a new beginning. Though after the tough year of 2020, keep resolutions and goals basic. Personal goals that make mental and physical health a priority need be at the top of the list. 2020 was a year for the beginning of a historical transformation of human society and culture. The alignment of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn through 2020 represented the beginning of the end for many aspects of the industrial age based upon 19th century science. Our culture and economy sustained by the exploitation of resources and labour, is just beginning to transform. We are not in the Age of Aquarius yet, but we are headed there.

We may look upon this month of January 2021 as a time of finding a solid footing, a foundation for the path towards new goals. The big Astrological events this month include an emphasis upon Pluto in Capricorn in many ways, which include the Sun, Mercury, and Venus conjunctions, as well as the New Moon on January 12th. Uranus resumes direct motion on the 14th, as it has been retrograde since August 14, 2020. Followed by the Jupiter in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus. The Full Moon on January 28th is at 10 degrees of Aquarius to Leo, and directly on Jupiter in Aquarius. We have a 3 week Mercury retrograde period begining on January 30th.

These alignments with Pluto are not only on and near the dates of the conjunctions, but are re-emphasized repeatedly whenever the Moon hits them off both with ease and with a challenge. But, really, there is no "ease" when Pluto is involved. Pluto is about transformation, both personal and collective. In the collective, Pluto has been about the secret backrooms of power and control. With the shifts recently in late Capricorn and early Aquarius these secret backrooms are being exposed or simply having their influence left in the past. In our personal lives the transformations are about inner change. What is popularly termed "shadow work", a term from Jungian psychology, which describes drawing out the hidden elements of our psyche for examination and resolution, is a part of many lives as we just want to feel better. The cultural impetus to encourage a discussion about mental health has come just in time with the pandemic. Multidimensional modern physics and the recognition of psychedelics as a tool for mental health are both opening up science to a recognition of spiritual realities. The soul crushing systems of industry and capitalism based on resource extraction and expansion do not want a cultural concern with the mental health of the masses. Climate Change, too, requires that humans change their ways. Yet, this is where the deeper and abiding transformations of human society begin, with individuals demanding a better life. It is the reach for a better life and an awareness that this starts within each of us, which is what this New Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto is all about, on the 12th.

It is interesting that a couple days after Uranus turns direct on the 14th Jupiter runs into a square with it on the 17th. This represents an amplification of the speed of change, an emboldenment of radical views, and breakthroughs in science. On a deeper level this is a challenge reach for ideas and dreams of 9 years ago. Reflect upon what your positive dreams were back then. Are you closer now?

The Full Moon January 28th is directly on the Sun conjunct Jupiter within a half degree. This is the Great Benefic and the Moon shines the blessings of Jupiter. In ancient Rome, if one is true to their vows in life, Jupiter bestowed wealth and good times. There has to be things to appreciate with this Full Moon. Yet, also, Mars close to Uranus in Taurus making a T-square to the Full Moon is the wrench in the works for many lives. It is as though there are those whom rather invest energy into their anger, frustration, and rebelliousness than allow optimism and opportunity. Even for those stuck in habits and beliefs, which foster negativity, this Full Moon is a chance to shift into a more positive mindset. It is a matter of using the challenge and frustration of the fixed sign t-square, to make the inner and personal adjustments, rather than seeing the difficulties as being imposed upon you.

Keep in mind that with Mercury retrograde on the 30th, it may be beneficial to be a little OCD and meticulous about our phones, keys, wallet, etc. for the next three weeks.

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