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Apr 2021

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April 2021

This Aries season offers a liberation or an awakening into a wider view, in each our own way.

There is some relief with a few degrees of separation between Saturn and Uranus in their square in the beginning of April. This is the challenging trend all year to find new ways of productivity and giving substance to social responsibility. We get another week or so of Venus aligned with the Sun as they slowly have an amiable separation from their exactitude on March 25th. We all benefit from feeling a little better about things. At least more awareness about our feelings. Mercury entering Aries on the 3rd shows us having more interest and energy. The sextiles to Aquarius indicate opportunities in networking and developing economic potential, through the first couple weeks of April.

Do not be deterred on the 9th, when busy-ness feels thwarted, take the pause provided with this Mars square to Neptune. Self-care is promoted these days. Mars draws the influence of Neptune in Pisces into the New Moon equation. The New Moon in Aries is April 11th showing new and energetic initiatives that are aligned with social trends and advancing thought streams. Get on with creative projects. Neptune is not about sacrifice, rather it is about service to the greater whole. When we see ourselves as playing a role in a cooperative community, rather than as an individual in a dog-eat-dog every person for themselves system, service is not a sacrifice. Service can be felt as a validating, purposeful, and meaningful social role.

Getting into the 3rd week of April Venus enters Taurus for 4 weeks. A more comfortable and relaxed phase for our emotions. I will ignore the deep misgivings indicated by the Sun and Mercury squares to Pluto. Because, so what else is new? The 15th through 18th holds the sextiles and trine between Aries, Aquarius, and Gemini. The Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter are cooperating to bestow avenues for opportunities. Financially good for some, and networking and connections for greater success for many. The Superior Conjunction of Mercury and the Sun is on the 18th near the close of Aries. It is a marker that happens 3 times this year. It represents an awakening of some degree; an assimilation of life lessons of the past few months into an articulation for our ego-mind to handle.

April 19th holds a tangible shift as the Sun and Mercury enter Taurus. The Taurus season this year will be emphasizing the changes that are indicated by Uranus being there and its ongoing square to Saturn. The Sun, Mercury, and Venus will be challenging the Aquarius placements of Saturn and Jupiter. I wrote about the Saturn square Uranus aspect previously in this column. It is not exact again until June and December, but it is close enough all year. Taurus, in general, promotes nurturing, self-care, productivity, and sensuality. Uranus is in there and not clear of Taurus for this go-round until April 2026. It is changing the meaning of humanities experience of such basic concepts of productivity, property, and wealth. Sustainability and basic incomes are eventually emerging out of this. For now we are trying new directions and new tools for our personal sustenance. There are decisions on the Half Moon April 20th. There is a flow of opportunity the 21st to 23rd.

Mercury and Venus come together with charm, romance, and favour the 24th and 25th, but they, also, square Saturn at the same time. This shows a constraint of time and energy. The pressure of responsibility is on us individually and collectively. The Full Moon April 26th will feel empowering and help us each decide upon the best path to take. Full Moons in general are an indicator of the manifestation of feelings, ideas, and situations.

The month concludes with the Sun aligned with Uranus on the 30th. This represents a statement of, "This is how it is now." We are encouraged to be, try, and do something new and different. Flexible paradigms are required to feel secure these days.

The Full Moon in Scorpio is April 26th at 8:23pm PDT. It is the Wesak Full Moon, which is a major holiday in many places as the birthday of Buddha. Theosophy sees the Wesak Moon as the annual event when the Earth and humanity is infused with spiritual energy by the Buddha and Christ energies, in the hidden Himalayan valley of Shambhala. I can recommend through my experience that being in meditation at the exact moment of the Full Moon, as I have given, will allow for a direct experience of this spiritual event.