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September 2020

Looking at the Astrological indicators for September 2020, and a phrase comes to me, "The Set-Up". We will see what we are getting set-up for in November and December, when the phalanx of the more distant planets in retrograde motion shift to direct motion.

There is this 3 day window, after Mars goes retrograde and before Jupiter goes direct, from September 9th through 12th, when 6 out the possible 8 planets are retrograde. Only Mercury and Venus, as the other potentially retrogade-ing planets, are direct. This is a collective shove into inner work, self-reflection, and changing habits. Mars will be retrograde in Aries for over 9 weeks. This entire period is about turning the desire nature and assertiveness inward. What we feel we need is not so straight forward or clear. Our needs and desires are changing. Even anger is bouncing around inside before it is expressed. Like an inner pinball machine, we are provided with the opportunity to refine and develop our urges to a more rarefied expression. Bounce those inner urges and habitual compulsions back in, to ring off the higher chakras. We do not want to deny our feelings, because that creates dis-ease. Stuffing feelings and sensitivities deep into ourselves, cuts us off from our own abilities and self-worth. The Mars retrograde being in Aries is still a powerful expression of Mars, but the "what are you gonna do about it?" question is directed inward. The Mars desire nature, still has to be channelled into expression, but can we refine our expression into one of solutions and co-creation, rather than passion and might makes right? Even in our personal day to day relationships, we are looking to create improvement, but that never means to not act or communicate. Avoidance makes landmines for the future, when a trigger word or action brings up all the suppressed tension. I will say it again: To create change in our life we have to change ourselves, which begins with a willingness to change our beliefs and patterns of thought and behaviour.

The Full and New Moon are with the Sun in Virgo. Both of these lunations have the added significance of being in exact trine aspects to Uranus and Saturn, respectively. Such lunar connections to these major planets show that the influences these planets represent are coming into our daily lives. The Full Moon September 1st has the Sun trine Uranus and Moon sextile Uranus. Uranus is the planet of revolution, swift change, new technology, inspiration, and individualism. What we have is a manifestation of our potential to change. This is a part of the cosmic set-up, as we are being set-up to be open to more change; politically, culturally, and scientifically. The New Moon September 17th is exactly (under 30 minutes orb) trine Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn is the planet of duty, responsibility, authority, and limitations. Saturn in Capricorn is associated with the authority of social structures and the limitations of cultural expectations. The Full Moon tells us to be open to change, then the next New Moon tells us to find our stable place of solid footing. Uranus and Saturn seem contradictory; radical change vs stability and responsibility, but they are the new and ancient ruling planet of the sign Aquarius. The stable structure happens before the radical change, the disciplined training happens before the free form expression. These two work together to create progressive development. Be sure to put your foundation on the rocks of trusted relationships and a supportive tribe, because trust in things such as the economy, investments, power structures, and leaders will not be on the solid foundation in the several years to come.

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