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Week of Mar 24, 2017

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The friction continues with the T square between Vesta, Pluto, Jupiter and the Uranus- Eris conjunction this week. Friday mercury continues connecting to the intensity and encourages us to communicate! Communication is key if we want to unify our polarizations within ourselves and it is necessary with all our relationships. Our family, career, friendships and personal desires will not harmonize if we are holding the truth back. We have to surrender. Surrender to the souls call to bring us back to our true selves. And that is not easy in the rigid structure of patriarchy. But the pendulum is swinging and Pluto is hard at work breaking down these walls and continues to cut off the dead weight even when we resist with our sweat and tears.

Friday the weekend starts with the sun conjunct Venus RX. Venus wants to show us our inner beauty and our vast creative potential. That we need that inner wealth to be nurtured to truly live and most of all to be happy.

The moon in Aquarius pushes us to be resourceful and find new ways of dealing with our problems. To think outside the box and to take a leap of faith when feeling the souls call. Adding intelligent perspective to lifes current situations.

Saturn persists with its square to Chiron all week urging us to see the truth to gain a new outlook on our wounds and to learn from our mistakes. Saturn wants to empower us to make the best from a bad situation. Lilith trining Chiron at the beginning of the week helps us to see our deep wounds around our sexuality and the sacred feminine. Standing up for her place next to the sacred masculine as equals.

Saturday the moon enters Pisces and conjunct s the south node and soon after Neptune. Bringing up lots of old emotions and baggage from the past. This is an opportunity to find healing and to just allow ourselves to process what is being asked to be felt. Allowing what is to be.

Lilith on Saturday joins the T square first harmonizing with Vesta and then on Monday with Pluto. She is asking us to honor and care for whatever has been suppressed in the past and to invite those parts of ourselves back to the dinner table. To honor her place within is necessary for our evolution and to resonate with our highest potential.

Monday the moon enters Aries and shortly after meets the sun for a new moon! It is a day to set intentions for the next month ahead. If feeling inspired to do so here is a suggestion. Write down your short term goals and post them up on the fridge . If there is anything that is needing to be released you can write down what those things are and then burn the list. Symbolic acts can go along way and can help us live a deeply meaningful life. Bringing presence and awareness to the moment.

Mars is negotiating boundaries with Neptune. Neptune and Pisces are infinite spirit. The dissolvers of boundaries. With all the Pisces energy it is hard to know what energy is our own and what is not. Mars is lending a hand and reminding us that we need to have boundaries in order to be healthy. That we have to take care of our needs and it is not our job to take on everybody elses problems. Taking care of ourselves will not take away from our compassion and empathy. It will actually help us be more effective, grounded and realistic with serving others and prevents burn out.

Tuesday the moon gives the T square a wave of emotion. Purging out raw unresolved feelings that can no longer remain inside.

Moon enters Taurus on Wednesday and on Thursday meets Mars and Ceres echoing the themes of listening to our bodies and what it needs. Nurturing ourselves through self care, creativity and most of all self love.

Astral insight overview by Angela van den Hooven. Find me on FB as Soul Compass Astrology or email me at Soulcompassastrology@gmail.com.